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Brookfield Unitarian Universalist Church
9 Upper River Street - On The Common, Brookfield, MA

A fellowship of seekers after truth, bound by no dogma, restricted by no creed.

HERE: We unite in an atmosphere of care and support to foster spiritual health and growth.

HERE: We focus on sharing our ideas and histories, with warmth, hope, loving friendship and an open mind.

HERE: We nurture stability for our daily lives and seek motivation to reach out to the larger community.   

“The Little Stone Church That Rocks!”
Community established in 1717
Current building was dedicated in 1912.
WEBLINK: Brookfield Unitarian Universalist Church

Hand Made Birdhouses
Starting at $20.00 and up
Email HAL for more info and to see them
Locally made in West Brookfield

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As our motto states: We believe in Building Community!

Come share and grow with us!

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A Local Business Expands!

The Holistic Center on the common in West Brookfield has expanded with retail and drop in hours. Selling Vitamins and Minerals and Herbal Apothecary items and also rare crystals / gem stones and offering the capabilities of actually showing a person what their “Aura” looks like with a very high-tech bio sensor system that they use to empower people with personal knowledge of their own energy fields.

The Holistic Center is a unique place that allows you to read or meditate in their gardens  – The whole property is extensively landscaped with perennials, shrubs, annuals and water gardens – You can even borrow a book from their Holistic Lending Library as well as donate books for it, Or you can purchase books for your own from their collection of retail items.

Inside the center you can play “The Journey to Wild Divine” another bio - sensor system, which is set up as a computer game that teaches you how to use your energy to reach the various levels within the game. In another area, you can do “Energetic Beading”, and make your own necklaces and chokers with the energetic properties of select crystal and gem stone beads that are personally beneficial.

Other than the growing selection of retail supplies related to a holistic, healthy lifestyle,
The Center offers many gatherings for various things from “Meditation Circles” to “Tea Circles” and “Drum Circles”

Workshops, Classes, and Events occur weekly, Private sessions by appointment are made for such Treatments as Reiki, Massage, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Intuitive Counseling, and even “Vibrational Sound Therapy” which uses special quartz crystal singing bowls and a large series of tuning forks that resonate at frequencies shown to be useful in calming and nurturing a healthy, peaceful state of being.

The Holistic Center is a very unique gathering place for local people as well as the many people that come from Boston, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and many other areas. Attending an event is often a surprise in whom you meet and how far away they came from to attend as well.

If you are into gardening the many gardens that surround the center are a journey in themselves. In spring and fall when plants are divided many are offered for trade and sale.

Currently The Holistic Centers retail/drop in hours are Tuesdays thru Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm and Private sessions and showings by appointment. If you are coming from a distance it is suggested to call ahead
at (508) 867-3409 to find out the current hours for that day and to see what events may be going on as well.

You can even check out the gardens now on their web site at www.TheHolisticCenter.net

"The Holistic Center" Visit Our Website     www.TheHolisticCenter.net
The Holistic Center Inc.
On The Historic Town Common
53 East Main Street (which is also Route 9)
West Brookfield, MA.01585
(508) 867-3409
Have you Seen
The Exotic Crystals
and Gemstones
we sell?
New Retail Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday 11 am to 6 pm Appointments available too
Go to the Town Link ABOVE
To access that Towns
The Historic Hunt

WIN $500.00

Have Fun
and Learn Local History Facts
Many prizes to win!

September 26th & 27th
10am to 5pm

Check out
for more info

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